Attend One & Serve One


We encourage all of our "regulars" to come to our gatherings with a mentality that every Sunday we each aim to attend one and serve one – that is, in addition to attending one service for worship, we challenge you to step up to the plate to serve the Lord by serving others during the other worship service each week.

We simply believe it is a good thing to serve others. Our God wants you to serve Him. Serving isn't just something you do for the church. Serving does something for you, too. It is deeply spiritual and formative. This is a part of the Lord's design for discipleship. And your service here in one of our weekly ministries honors our Lord, Who said “it is more blessed to give than to receive.”

The Bible tells those of us who are Christians that we are each gifted and we ought to use our gifts to serve one another. If you are not serving others, then you are missing out on an important component of being a disciple of Jesus! You have a Master Who washed the feet of His disciples, and He commands us to wash each other’s feet. In other words, our Chief Commander has ordered us to serve one another.

At New Vision, you can serve others on a weekly basis without ever needing to miss an opportunity to hear the Word and be refreshed and filled up yourself. Your commitment to serve helps us to ensure that we all share the load and none of us grows weary in the work the Lord has called us to as a church.

Take a look at the serving opportunities here and find your niche as we serve our Savior and multiply His glory on the earth.

Check Out Our Weekly Serving Opportunities